Friday, 6 July 2012

Promote your Company with Personalised Golf Balls

If you want to raise brand awareness and get people talking about your company, personalised golf balls could provide you with a powerful promotional tool. Personalised christening gifts from Shed Load of Gifts are great for starting them young with a passion for the game. Even if it has to stay in the display box for a few years first.

Whether you are a relatively new company that wants to generate interest in your brand or you have recently launched a new product or service, golf balls can provide you with an affordable way to advertise your services. Unlike other promotional gifts, golf balls are something that potential customers will use in the future and every time they take a shot they will be reminded about where the golf ball originated from. Like other promotional items, golf balls tend to change hands due to being lost and found on the course. For this reason, golf balls are an ideal way to spread the word.

Golf Balls-Discreet or Dramatic Design

The design of your golf balls can make or break your corporate campaign and getting it wrong can make customers question your credibility. For this reason it is essential that you take care and consideration when choosing a design for your corporate golf balls. A high quality product with a fun and vibrant design can help to create a positive brand image and entice potential customers into finding out more information regarding your products and services. Discreet designs are an ideal way to give the customer a subtle reminder of your brand but a dramatic design can help to create an everlasting impression. One of the most important factors if you want your advertising campaign to be a success is to choose your golf ball supplier with care. Golf balls make great corporate gifts for potential clients but they are also an ideal way to show existing employees that you appreciate all of their hard work.


  1. For many golfers, they spread your company name a lot farther and more often than others. Logo balls as a nice gift to a potential customer or employees or at a corporate outing, where many balls change hands over the weeks following the event.

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