Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Baby Changing Bags for Yummy Mummies

Want to be a Yummy Mummy? Don’t sacrifice style for practicality; invest in designer baby changing bags.

Before motherhood, having a beautiful handbag or clutch can be a thing of joy. Handbags help create your unique style and look, and designer handbags are first and foremost beautiful if not practical. Practicality isn’t high on the agenda when you only have to worry about lipstick and a credit card. But for new mums, bags and Milkbug cheap breastfeeding clothes become their new best friend at time when practicality becomes crucial if they want to maintain a stress-free family or work life.

Be Practical and Look Good

The rise of the yummy mummy shows that it is possible to look chic despite juggling nappies and baby sick. But the trend for celebrity yummy mummies can leave the rest of us feel a little like failures. Looking after babies, keeping up a household, and perhaps juggling a job is enough to leave the best of us looking ragged, let alone making romantic time for partners or socialising with friends. The likes of Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie looking like every bit the Hollywood starlet while juggling a multitude of kids can leave some mums feeling inadequate. But it’s important to remember that these women have entourages of help. Simply investing in a stylish but functional baby changing bag can help you feel positive and chic. A poll revealed that the celebrity super mums are making the average mum feel less than perfect, with 42% saying Victoria Beckham was an unrealistic role model.

Take Control in Style

For most mums, it would be crazy to dress in head to toe designer gear and killer heels while looking after their baby. Combining function and practicality with fashion and style can boost your image and your confidence, as well as enhance your day-to-day life. Looking good, maintaining a career, being a perfect mum – the pressure is on. Make your life that little bit easier with beautiful bespoke baby changing bags designed to suit your lifestyle – whether you’re an exec who needs a pouch for her BlackBerry as well as the nappies or a stay at home mum, baby changing bags can be just as beautiful as designer handbags. You may not have an army of staff, baby minders or gofers on hand like the celebrity mums, but you can still equip yourself with the ultimate tool – baby changing bags that allow you to stay organised and in control as well as look like a yummy mummy.
Psychologist David Moxon said in a newspaper feature on the unrealistic expectations placed on mothers: “When society starts to place idealistic views of how mums should appear it not only leaves them feeling disillusioned with their own lives it can also lead to partners, family members and friends being dismissive when mums in their own life don't live up to these unrealistic expectations.”
If you are one of the 67% of mothers who feel like a second-rate citizen when out and about - seen as a mother first and woman second - treat yourself: invest in a beautiful baby changing bag.