Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lyle and Scott – established designer clothes

Lyle and Scott isn’t just about golf – the company’s designer clothing has a wide appeal.

Whilst some like to buy clothes by the very newest arrivals to the designer clothes market, others prefer to choose brands that are underpinned by history. Lyle and Scott is exactly that sort of designer – long-established, dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction and yet producing clothes that are designed with simplicity and style.

Experience counts

Lyle and Scott – William Lyle and Walker Scott – was founded in the late 1800s in Hawick, a town on the Scottish borders, which already had a reputation for its knitwear. Lambswool was washed in the water of the local river, the Teviot, which was said to produce a fine, soft finish to the garments. Initially, Lyle and Scott concentrated on underwear and hosiery, and produced such high quality products that it grew more rapidly than they had ever thought it would. It was this initial experience that allowed the company to branch out to other clothing.

Partnerships and designer status

Already famed for their high quality, Lyle and Scott’s golf wear range, which the company began manufacturing after the First World War, was incredibly popular with the domestic market. Less than ten years later, the company entered into the first of its serious partnerships, to manufacture Y-front underwear for UK and European markets. A big designer break for Lyle and Scott came when it worked with Christian Dior. The internationally-famous French designer wanted a cashmere range to sell in the US and Canada. Lyle and Scott made the collection to Dior’s design under a duel brand, which allowed the company’s name to become synonymous with quality in the important US market.

Eagles and crowns

Lyle and Scott’s first dedicated golf collection boasted their now-famous symbol: the eagle. Over the years, as the company has extended its influence over designer clothing in the golf world, the eagle has become a regular part of victory celebrations, as Lyle and Scott wearers scoop golf’s top prizes. In 1975, the company was granted the Royal Warrant by Appointment to HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and later began to design and produce high quality golf clothing for ladies in addition to the growing collection.

Today’s Lyle and Scott

Today, the Lyle and Scott eagle can still be seen on golf courses around the world, as both professionals and fashion-conscious amateur golfers choose the brand for its style, comfort and quality. What’s more, the company’s collections are increasingly worn by non-golfers, for whom designer clothes from established houses like Lyle and Scott are among the best in the world.You can also find fantastic kids designer clothing at Childsplayclothing.co.uk if you want your kids to look as good as you, and it would be a bit weird if you didn’t.  

Make Learning Fun with Classroom Parties

School Furniture from Edusentials
End of term parties are something that every child looks forward to at school. A school day that takes them out of their normal routine can actually be used to stimulate their minds and teach them something new without them even knowing it. From putting on a play to counting out party sweets for the numeracy hour; there are a range of ways you can inspire young kids to have fun learning.
Kit Out Your Classroom - School Furniture from Edusentials can make every day in the classroom a party with fun and educational pieces of furniture that can be tailored to suit your needs. From colourful seats to modular sofas, there is a range of products on offer to aid your teaching processes.

Pack Up Party Supplies - Kids party supplies are a great way to get children excited about learning something new. Whether its within the numeracy or literacy hour, party supplies can be used to motivate and reward children for their work whilst having fun along the way.

Ice Hockey Equipment - Skates for Kids

Are your kids keen to take up ice hockey? Getting them the correct ice hockey equipment and skates is crucial to their enjoyment of the sport.

ice skates uk
Ice hockey is a fantastic sport for kids. Not only does it help with their fitness and co-ordination skills, but it also builds their sense of team spirit and courage. It’s not for the faint-hearted though – ice hockey can be a tough and sometimes violent sport, and it can be scary for a parent standing on the sidelines watching their kids getting pushed around. That’s why getting the correct ice hockey equipment and skates is absolutely vital, not just for safety but to help their performance too. Apart from standard equipment, kids also need a network of support in order to excel in their chosen discipline.

Cheap contract phones can offer benefit their organisational skills and help them stay in contact with those people essential for their development.

Ice Skates UK and Skates for Kids’ Safety

The primary reason to choose the best possible ice hockey equipment and skates for your kids is to keep them safe. In a game where twelve players battle on ice to shoot a small puck into goals, there will inevitably be a lot of falling, crashing and pushing. The last thing you want is for your child to sustain an injury, so do your research into the best brands, and consider spending a little more on high quality ice hockey equipment. Skates are one of the key items of a child’s kit, with a good pair helping them skate more fluidly, turn faster, and generally have more control on the ice, resulting in fewer incidents. Then of course there is the helmet and padding, absolutely crucial for protection from broken bones and bruising. The stick isn’t a safety item, but buying a good quality brand will help you kids develop their scoring skills and keep them top of the team.

Ice Hockey Equipment and Skates for Kids’ Style
Keeping your kids safe on the ice hockey rink will be your primary concern, but for them it will be looking good. Ice hockey is one of those trendy games that has come over from the States, and your children will want to look the part, especially teens. Ice hockey equipment and skates vary in appearance and quality according to brand and their price, so take time to do a bit of shopping around. Ask your kids if there are any particular makes that would top their wish-list, and splash out for their birthdays or Christmas. The benefit for you is that these higher end products are more likely to offer a higher degree of safety.

Ice Hockey Equipment and Skates for Kids: Where to Buy
The internet is a great place to look for ice hockey equipment and skates, especially if you’re looking for a competitive price. Due to their lower overheads these online companies can offer their products at fantastic prices, and may do special deals from time to time.